Class Registrations are now open.

Please read carefully before choosing your classes.

We are excited to announce that the tutors and classes are confirmed and online bookings are now open. There are over 100 classes available so carefully read what’s on offer for each class down below.

Everyone intending to book classes, enter the exhibition, attend lectures and social events must have already pre-registered via the Symposium website. If you still need to register please click here for the Registration Form.

Before you choose your classes, it’s important to print the class schedule and decide on your class choices. Take the time to research what is on offer and choose carefully. You can see more about the Tutors and their classes by clicking on their link under the Tutors tab. Alternatively you can see the class detail by clicking on the class photo. 

Unlike in the past, this year you only pick your first choice. As classes are allocated by the registration number (not first in first served). After you have chosen your first choices there is another tab below to indicate alternative preferences.

 Please have your registration number on hand (this is found on your Newsletter) and also have your credit card as payment for the classes must be made at the time of the booking.

When you enrol you will pay the cost of your first choice of class plus additional activities etc 

Classes allocated may result in and over/under payment of fees
If an overpayment we will notify you and request your bank details to refund the differenceIf an underpayment then we will invoice you for the difference

For those of you new to Symposium, there’s no need to rush the booking process as your registration number determines your priority in the class allocation process. 

if you need a sewing machine you can hire one here.

Just be sure to make your online booking before bookings close on 24th June 2024.