About the Class

Class Code: RBTH03

Slow Stitching Mini Textile Book

The books are handmade with textile pages and are decorated with old laces, doilies, buttons, motifs, embroideries and co-ordinated fabric scraps to add sparks of colour and interest. Each page is enhanced with simple embroidery or stitching and dimensional techniques. The finished book measures 5” by 6” and the number of pages is flexible.
I have two versions – one based on neutral linen fabrics and doilies, etc and the other is indigo based with more of Japanese look where the focus is more on fabrics and stitching, plus the dimensional technqieus mentioned above.

In this class participants will:
– be well supported as they learn to create effective page layouts using a diverse range of textiles
– create a set of dimensional fabric features to add to pages
– learn several hand stitching methods to affix their treasures to the pages
– decorate backgrounds with simple embroidery stitches and layers of texture
– construct a textile book with up to seven signatures

During the class my participants will gather a huge range of tips as they work from myself and other class members. I will have a variety of scrap boxes in class for them to gather bits and pieces from, plus my stall will have mini kits to purchase and support their needs. I will be encouraging lots of swapping not just of ideas, but also bits and bobs people have collected and are happy to share.