About the Class

Class Code: LHTH03

Intimate Improv

This will be an amazing new spin on a quilting workshop! In this class we will be combining ideas of collage, scrapbooking, journaling, abstract art, and improv quilting to create intimate and playful sewing projects!

The class will start with a look at my JOY Quilts series and most recent memory quilt from my trip to Bali that utilized these methods. Then, we will begin a series of exercises leading you to record emotions and memory in visual ways utilizing fabric, markers, and other craft supplies. Next, there will be opportunities to share and talk about what we’ve made. Finally, we will discuss how to combine everything into a finished quilt project!

Intimate Improv is an expectation-free creative oasis where you will have the opportunity to immesh your human experience, emotions, and joys into projects in visual ways (while using up scraps in your studio and around your home!). It will be a fun, laid-back class and a great way to spend a day!