About the Class

Veruschka Zarate

Class Code: VZFR04

Modern FPP Fundamentals 3 days

“Modern Foundation Paper Piecing Fundamentals” (FPP) is a cleverly crafted class designed to assist you in developing successful technical skill with this technique, all the while completing a vibrant and modern landscape design made custom for this event! 

The class project is drafted to create a composition that is visually interesting but easy to create! With clean modern lines, 100% straight line sewing, ZERO tricky angles or partial seams, this project will find you ENJOYING the technique of FPP.

Students will learn the fundamental elements of FPP such as: tackling complex angles, alignment for perfect points, placement and positioning of fabric, orientation of seam lines, continuity of shape, steps for precise piecing, and so much more. 

The aim of this class is to foster understanding of the skill and to increase confidence in piecing not only the tiniest of fabric shapes, but also large, irregular fabric shapes.

This class will take a complex technique and make it simple to achieve!