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2024 Symposium Quilt Entry Categories

It is important that you read and understand all the following categories and conditions.

Only entries originating in New Zealand can be accepted. No overseas entries can be accepted.

Open Quilt Categories


These are modern in design and form. They can be wholecloth, pieced, appliqued, hand quilted, machine quilted, or a combination of techniques. Original design is encouraged.


These are quilts that are minimalist with clean, modern design and strong visual impact. They may feature the use of negative space, have no borders, and have bright and graphic colour palettes. They are quilted in a way that is sympathetic to the design.


These are quilts that are one of a kind and have imagery that is realistic or present a motif that is recognisable. It could consist of  portraits, landscapes, flowers, animals, or other visual elements.

Textile Art

These are quilts with a very strong visual impact, designed to be displayed as an artwork, communicating an idea, emotion, or concept. A variety of techniques may be used.


These are quilts that use a traditional design or pattern, usually having sashing between blocks and a border. A variety of techniques may be used.

Quilted Coat or Jacket

The garment must be wearable and have sleeves.

It must have three layers.

It must not have any embellishments or other substances such as glitter that could cause damage to other entries.

The coat will be displayed on a manikin. It will not be displayed on a wall or frame.



Amazing Aotearoa Art Quilt

Create a quilt that depicts an aspect of Aotearoa/New Zealand. 

This could be, but is not limited to, a social aspect, nature, or an historical aspect of the country. 


Size: 50cm by 80cm, portrait. 

It must have three layers.

It must have a hanging sleeve (see notes).

It may be bound, faced, or edged.

It is made predominantly of fabric but other materials, such as Tyvek, can be used provided they are firmly attached. 

Other techniques, such as paint, can be used.

It must not contain any material, such as glitter, that might contaminate another entry. 



Carousel Carnival

Create a quilt which reflects the theme of the 2024 Quilt Symposium.


Size: The quilt can be any shape that fits into a one metre by one metre square. 

It must have three layers.

It can be bound or faced.

It must have a hanging sleeve (see notes), so consideration must be given to the shape in order to allow the quilt to sit flat against the wall.



Colourful Carnival

(2 Categories)

Secondary school (Year 9 to Year 13 2024)

Junior (Intermediate level or younger 2024)


Size: The quilt must be no bigger than 50cm x 50 cm.

It must have three layers.

It can be bound or faced or have an edging.

It must have a hanging sleeve (see notes).

Entry Details

Definition – A quilt is defined as being 3 layers and stitched together.

  1. Each entry must have a label stating the title of the quilt, name and address and contact number or email address of the entrant. This must be securely sewn to the back of the quilt on the left hand corner when looking at the back of the quilt.
  2. Each quilt is to be supplied with a bag that has the name of the quilt, the entrant’s name and address, contact number or email address. These must be clearly marked on or securely attached to the bag in which the quilt is sent.
  3. Quilts must be clean and devoid of animal fur and dust and must not contain any other material, such as glitter, that may contaminate another entry.
  4. Quilts must not be mounted on or framed with hard materials.
  5. The committee reserves the right to not accept entries that do not meet the conditions of entry, or for other reasons at their discretion.
  6. All people involved in the construction and quilting of the entry must be named on the entry form.
  7. Entries that have been made from kits, or classes can be entered but may not be eligible for some awards.
  8. 2024 Quilt Symposium must be the first time that your entry has been exhibited. It must not have been exhibited at any other time or in any other place or country.
  9. The entry must not have been shown in any format or on any social media site, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, in its entirety  prior to 2024 Quilt Symposium. Photos of progress may be shown but no photos of the completed entry may be published on any social media site. If this occurs, it could result in the non-acceptance and withdrawal of the entry.
  10. Entries are to be made using the online form. All details on the form must be completed.
  11. Entries will close at midnight 1st August 2024.
  12. One form for each entry is required.
  13. Photographs will be used for selection into the exhibition.
    It is important to submit good quality photographs with the colours as close as possible to the actual quilt.
    Quilts should be hanging flat and straight in a well-lit position for the photograph.
    One photograph showing the whole quilt is required as well as a close-up photograph showing the detail of the quilt.
    The Quilted Coat entry has the same requirements.
    For detailed instructions on taking good quilt photos, refer to the Aotearoa Quilters website.
  14. 2024 Quilt Symposium may use photographic images for promotional purposes.
  15. The entry fee is $15
  16. Only one entry into each category is allowed.
  17. An email will be sent when an entry has been received. A further email will be sent if an entry has been selected, with instructions on when and where to send it and return postage instructions and details for paying fees.
  18. In all categories, the judges will be looking for (where applicable):
  • Visual impact and the emotional response the quilt evokes
  • The originality of the design
  • The choice and suitability of materials
  • Surface design and embellishment
  • Construction and accuracy of piecing
  • Design and execution of applique
  • Design and execution of quilting
  • Suitable finish to the edge of the quilt
  • How well the quilt hangs
  • Credit will be given for individuality and innovation in all entries.

Submission Details

1. Complete an online entry form for each submission.

2. This must include the required JPG, JPEG, or PNG photos. (see 13 above)

3. Following completing and submitting the form, payment is to be made online via Stripe to Waikato Patchworkers and Quilters Guild


Insurance of entries is the responsibility of the entrant.

While all care will be taken, the Symposium committee will not accept liability for any loss, misdirected or delayed delivery, or any damage to, or loss of, entries while in its care, in storage or transit.


Hanging Sleeve Instructions

1. A one inch wide Velcro, hook side, must be sewn to a four-inch hanging sleeve which is sewn to the back of the quilt, half an inch down from the top and half an inch in from each side.

2. The soft Velcro matching piece is to be labelled with the name of the quilt and the entrant’s name and attached to the hook Velcro.

3. For detailed information on making a hanging sleeve, see Aotearoa Quilters website

Size of Quilts

Quilts must not exceed 240 cm in width and in height.


Awards will be given to the entry judged best in each category.

These awards will be the decision of the judging panel.

Prizes may be awarded to the runner-up in each category.

Other individual prizes may also be awarded at the discretion of the judging panel. Examples are Best Use of Colour, Judge’s Award, Best Applique. 

The judges reserve the right not to give an award in any category. 

Judges’ decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Group and Collaborative Entries

A group quilt is one in which three or more people have been involved in its making.

A collaborative quilt is one in which two quilters have been involved in its making.

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