Robyn Burgess

New Zealand

Quilt Tutor and Textile Artist

I enjoy teaching patchwork and quilting as it combines my career and training as a teacher with my interest and enjoyment of patchwork and quilting. 

I have been teaching quilting for many years at National Symposiums and National Mini Symposiums (eight in total), in my shop and local groups across New Zealand. When teaching patchwork and quilting I try to achieve the following: the teaching of techniques through a specific project rather than a class exercise,  a relaxed, enjoyable, no pressure class with participants working at their own speeds, all participants trying something new, and  the teaching of a variety of methods to achieve a similar result so that participants so that participants can choose a way that best suits them.

I am the owner of Patchwork Passion NZ – from 2003 this was a retail shop in Onehunga, Auckland until 2018. Now it is a small shop at my home, where I also continue to teach. 

I have been a traditional quilter for all of my quilting life with specialties in hand applique, all things Japanese and now slow stitching. I have taught all levels of quilters from beginners to experienced.