About the Class

Class Code: DSSU06

Orange Peel Quilt

Dianne will show you how you can create a very interesting quilt using the basic Orange Peel block. There are various ways of making the block and then lots of different layouts. Dianne will show you a variety of different methods (5) on how to make the block – piecing it, and applique – using freezer paper, raw edge fusible and fusible vilene, some give you turned under edges and others raw edges. You will make one block using each of these methods which can be used as a sample or in your quilt.
These methods can be used for other applique styles as well. You then choose which method appeals most and use that, or a combination of these methods, to make your blocks. You can make a variety of sizes – Dianne used a 9″ block and 4.5″ blocks, based on using 10” squares for the orange and grey version. You can choose one size and work with that (the Tuatara Peel
quilts uses only 4”squares) , or you can choose to use 2 sizes that work together (eg – 4 @ 4.5″ = a 9″ x 9″ block, 4 @ 3″ = a 6″ x 6″ block). It can be a small wall hanging or a large bed quilt, your choice.