About the Class

Class Code: LEWE02

An Aquatic Carousel

Horses are synonymous with carousels and merry-go-rounds.
Maybe you have fond memories of fun-filled days at the local fair, spinning around on the back of a horse on the merry-go-round….

In this workshop we are going to play with that concept by substituting sea horses/dragons and potentially other aquatic creatures to create an art quilt. Imagine if you could sit on the back of a sea horse and explore an underwater fair.

Using shapes of sea horses or aquatic animals, provided by Lois or bring your own, we will use principles of design to create our own interpretation of an aquatic carousel.
Seahorses are also the masters of camouflage and this gives us a lot of creative scope for creating colourful interpretations for our aquatic carousel.

At the completion of the workshop participants will be presented with a ‘carousel of class images’ in a digital form as a memento.


Using raw edge applique, hand colouring/painting and thread painting we will
work with elements of design such as line, colour, shape, pattern, texture
and learn to build further layers on our quilts . In this two day
workshop we will work on creating a small art quilt, approximately 50 x

To achieve this participants will learn and explore the following
– basic design skills
– raw edge applique
– hand colouring using Inktense pencils/Acrylic/Lumiere paints
– thread painting
– free machine quilting

Participants will use a variety of fabrics and threads to build and create
their own small Mandala Art Quilt.
No drawing or design ability required, however participants need some
sewing & quilting ability/experience.

– Participants will learn simple design development.
– Learn and explore techniques for raw edge applique, hand
colouring/painting, thread painting and free machine quilting.
– Creation of a small art quilt, approx 50cm x 30cm.