About the Class

Class Code: LUTH03

Quilt Coat

Discover the art of transforming quilts into trendy quilt coats in this engaging two-day workshop. Whether you have a quilt that no longer sparks joy or you’re eager to embrace the cozy cottage core trend, this class is designed for you. Participants can bring a completed quilt, pre-quilted fabric, or create quilted panels according to the coat pattern requirements.

Students will learn:
How to choose the right pattern
The impact of quilting and wadding on drape
Pattern cutting, including collar, hood, and pocket options
Sewing techniques for assembling a quilt coat
Bias-binding application to seams
Buttonhole and press stud closures demonstrated

By the end of the class, students will leave with a completed quilt coat. Some final binding or stitching may be required at home, depending on factors such as coat thickness, pattern complexity, and individual sewing confidence.