About the Class

Class Code: SCFR04

Playful Patchwork

We will be making a series of different blocks over the period of this course. I encourage you to experiment, get playful and enjoy this journey.

If you prefer to have a defined pattern, just follow along with what I am doing. However, if you want to get creative you can assemble your blocks in a column based quilt, or you can start at the centre and work outwards.

The sizes of the blocks work together, most are 6” finished in my quilt. If you want to make your project larger, you can create larger sized blocks to keep things in proportion, or you can make more blocks. There will be cutting directions for
larger blocks in the instructions. As an example, the quilt shown starting with 6” blocks will be 48” x 57” finished. Using 9” blocks it would be 72” x 85 1/2”, and using 12 inch blocks would be 96” x 114”. Another way to make the quilt larger would be to add more blocks to each row, repeat some of the rows, or add a plain border.

In terms of amounts of fabric, this is difficult to predict as it depends on so many factors. However my estimate is that each set of six 6 inch blocks will use approximately 2/3 of a yard (approximately 0.6m) of fabric in total. This is based on the Wonky Stars block, and many of the other blocks are less fabric hungry.
Save any scraps that you cut off that are at least 1” in size, as these can be used to make the scrappy cross blocks.