About the Class

Class Code: MGWE02

Painting Birds and Animals

Introduction: Animals are all part of the circus, but if we made a carousel for our grandchildren or ourselves, what animals would we choose for our rides. This is a very relaxed workshop suitable for beginner to advanced..

In this workshop we will choose a possible end for these (from examples) choose the animals, the size and paint them with paints suitable for fabrics.

The workshop will include a number of simple techniques for surface design; which could include using text, stencilling, techniques for using inktense pencils and blocks and acrylic paint, preparing for the animal to be viewed from two sides and finishing.

Resource material will include examples: A quilt with animals on the front in a carousel pattern, a quilt with these on the back, as pockets with names on ribbon and velcro to play with children ‘Guessing the name’. Other examples will be shown-books, art quilts, a carousel mobile.