About the Class

Class Code: RDFR04

Modern Mystery

Are you ready for fun adventure ride? If you haven’t done a mystery quilt before, you’re in for a treat. Whether you are an adventurous beginner or an experienced quilter, this Modern Mystery Quilt is sure to surprise and delight you. A striking geometric design with simple piecing and easy fabric selection with two contrasting neutrals and two
coloured fabrics.

Here’s how the mystery quilt works. The fabric requirements and cutting instructions are given so you are ready to start sewing as soon as the class begins. Instructions are given for each step as the class progresses until you have enough completed for the full reveal, it will keep you guessing right up to the last minute.
Rachelle has been teaching Mystery Quilt classes for over 10 years now and they
continue to be filled with fun and enjoyment whilst learning lots of tips and techniques along the way.

NOTE: The background fabrics can be solid or tone on tone which read as one colour. The two “Coloured” fabrics can be solid or patterned as long as they contrast each other.