About the Class

Class Code: JHWE02

Inktense Pencils On Fabric Introduction

An easy step by step learning to use Inktense pencils on either a design of mine or their own embroidered or personal designs.  

Please note: there is no pre-requisite need, to be able to draw in-order to succeed in this class.

The method used will be using a predawn design to be traced on to the fabric and then step by step, the participants of the class will learn to use the Inktense pencils and a textile medium to create texture and strong Colour as well as learning to create a soft Colour for the background.

After years of my refining this process, the intention is that the class will benefit from my knowledge in creating textures, using these mediums. 

A full tutorial and demonstration will be given on how to finish their work at home and how to quilt if desired. 

My personal goal is to show how easy the Inktense pencils are to use as the perfect medium, to be taken from normal use with paper and applied to fabric.