About the Class

Class Code: MGTH03

Gelli Printing

Introduction: Using gelatine for duplicating dates from the 1800s. The modern version is a gelatine mix set into a flat plate, used as an inking base. A permanent gel plate is a more convenient method of making prints. A gel plate can be purchased from art supplies, but they can also be made at home. This workshop includes advanced methods on the simple plate, but suitable for beginner to advanced.

In this workshop, using acrylic paint, we will make monoprints, silhouette prints, ghost prints, textured prints, coloured layers. We will use card and yupo stencils, botanicals, stamps, and other mark making materials on the gel plate. We will trial with paper and then print on fabric.

The workshop will include a number of simple techniques for surface design; which will include using a brayer, inking the plate, using text, stencilling and making stencils, stamping and making stamps, using a brayer, caring for a gel plate, transferring an image. We will try block printing and repeat patterns, using registration technique.