About the Class

Class Code: HSSA05

From Stone to Cloth

Design from architecture to all things stitchable.
Learn how Helen takes elements of design from stone, metal and wood –
found in architectural features around the world, traces, flips, separates,
combines and plays until a design is formed. Use these basic design skills
to design for embroidery, applique, colourque® or wholecloth quilting.
During class we will do an approximate 20” design suited to colourque®
or quilting. However the techniques learned can be adapted to any form
of stitching.
This is a drawing and design class – you will finish with the knowledge of
how to start, extensive ideas and never-ending enthusiasm to design your
own quilts, embroideries and more… on paper.. then go home and
transfer them to your favourite technique.
Beginners to advanced

Learn: Recognising design elements in architecture
Photographing elements around you
Turning photographs into design elements
Resizing, reflecting, flipping, repeating elements on paper
Combining elements to make a wholecloth design
Designing in the round
Designing with end method in mind – colourque, wholecloth
applique, machine or hand embroidery