About the Class

Class Code: BNSA05

Faultless Feather Focus Quilting

Students with established free motion quilting experience, but not necessarily quilted feather experience, will spend two days learning a faultless feather style. These non-backtrack feathers range from simple to complex through the use of layers and inserts, making them adaptable to a range of student experience. In addition to dozens of feather designs, students will become confident creating flowing feather forms, successful border variations, and learn to bend, twist, and overlap feather plumes.

By focusing on success-oriented, non-backtrack feather variations, all students, regardless of level, will make gains in confidence making smooth flowing feather forms, nesting and gradingfeathers and making complex branching plumes. In a “final project” students will create a multi- branched floating feather composition which will vary based on skill. Newer quilters will compose neat, nested multi-branch designs. More experienced quilters will be pushed to make overlapping, woven feather shapes.