About the Class

Class Code: MGSA05

Collagraph Making For Fabric Books and Quilts

Introduction: Collagraph has its origins in printing techniques of the C19th, but Glen Alps is credited with coining the name – it is a collage of materials prepared for printing. The word is derived from the Greek words Koll or Kolla which mean glue, and graph which means drawing – create a drawing by gluing! This workshop is suitable for beginner to advanced. I have been making collagraphs with children for 50 years.

In this workshop we will begin the day by making collagraphs for printing- with mainly cardboard making different levels to create relief. We will later use the collagraph to print onto fabric and paper. These prints can then be further embellished by stitching and quilting. They can be included in collage quilts, books, art quilts, among other things.

The workshop will include a number of simple techniques for surface design; making a mount with substrate, sealing collagraph, using brayer and ink surfaces, use of printing press, printing without a press, relief printing, intaglio printing, using a baren, and using text.