Helen Stubbings


Helen Stubbings is an internationally known quilting artist, educator, and author dedicated to igniting creativity and skill development in the quilting and stitching community. With a career spanning over two decades, Helen’s passion for sharing knowledge has led her to design and develop groundbreaking quilting tools, such as her appliqué paper and English paper piecing (EPP) iron-on products. Her expertise and warm teaching style have made her a sought-after instructor for workshops, online courses, and lectures worldwide.

As the founder of ‘Hugs ‘n Kisses’, Helen has inspired students to explore their creative potential, using both traditional and contemporary approaches. She is committed to fostering a learning environment which ensures that students of all skill levels can flourish. Helen’s enthusiasm is infectious. 

Helen’s mantra revolves around the therapeutic power of stitching. She champions this idea through the practice of mindful and unhurried stitching, engaging in daily therapeutic projects, and embracing the notion of stitching for a purpose greater than oneself. Her lasting impact lies in the range of products she has curated. Her aim is to ensure that each stage of the creative process is not only enjoyable but also accessible to all, because she believes that anyone can find joy and fulfillment through stitching.

Helen hails from Hobart, Tasmania where she shares her life with Shed Guy, three daughters and Mr. Bentley, the dog. She is the owner of Hugs ‘n Kisses, Quarter Inch, QI Laser and EasyEPP quilting products. She began the Tasmanian Modern Quilt Guild and the Quiltaid and Snugglybug Charities.