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SusanClaire Mayfield

New Zealand

SusanClaire, widely known as ‘GourmetQuilter’, is a highly regarded quilting tutor with an illustrious career spanning many years. She has established herself as a prominent figure in the quilting world. She is a quilt fabric designer, a quilt pattern designer and an author. Having recently relocated to the  Wairarapa, SusanClaire is currently having a new ‘barn’ studio built.

SusanClaire’s passion for quilting is evident in her work, and she brings a wealth of experience to her role as a tutor. Her innovative and creative quilting techniques have inspired countless quilters, both novice and seasoned. SusanClaire takes pride in sharing her extensive quilting knowledge with her students. 

In addition to her on-site teaching, SusanClaire maintains a strong online presence as ‘GourmetQuilter’, where she generously shares quilting tutorials and inspiration with a global audience.