Cherie Gurney

New Zealand

Wellington based textile artist, Cherie Gurney has been honing her quilting skills since 2008.  Originally from the fashion industry in which she trained through Wellington Polytech, Cherie has been working with fabric for over four decades.  Cherie likes to explore and push boundaries with her own designs using fabric, thread, dye and paint. Her particular focus on stitch as texture and fabric manipulation allows her to tell stories through her unique textile work.

Cherie’s award winning work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally at Art Galleries, New Zealand Quilt Symposium and the World Quilt Show. She loves to share her joy of creating by teaching textiles currently through Hutt Art, quilt guilds and previously at Handmade and through quilt shops.

When Cherie isn’t teaching or creating her own work she runs a longarm quilting business at her home-based studio and is proficient in freehand, rulerwork and computerised quilting.