About the Class

Class Code: MSFR04

Values And Shadows

For any of my classes YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ABLE TO DRAW. I have never done art and I cannot draw to save myself.

I teach theory and techniques so in the future you can work in a realistic style. For this class I concentrate on teaching about using fabric value (lightness or darkness) instead of colour to achieve realism. All techniques you will learn in this class can be applied to other forms of art quilting or textile art.

It is advised that this beginner class is completed before taking one of my intermediate level classes ‘Using Value for Realism: Making a Realistic Hand’ or ‘Using Value for Realism: Making a Realistic Rhino’.

Using Values and Shadows. 1 day class.
– This is a technique and theory class. We learn about value and apply it to fabric. It also includes an introduction to making shadows.

– Because this is a theory and technique class, do not expect to go home with a completely finished piece after 1 day. You will, however, be given all the instructions needed to finish it.

– Participants will choose to make 1 of 2 options. Sashing is optional for all pieces. Backing, binding and quilting is the participants’ choice although I am happy to advise and help.

– Both options can be made into a wall hanging or table runner as desired.

1. Orbs and Shadows (Top Image). Can hang vertically or horizontally. Approx 29” x 10” without sashing.

2. Bouncing Ball (Bottom Image). Can hang vertically or horizontally. Approx. 29” x 10” without sashing.

You will probably not have a finished piece at the end of the day but you will have the instructions needed to complete it.