About the Class

Class Code: MSSA05

Using Value For Realism – Hand

If you wish to continue later to my advanced portrait class, this is the best class for you to take.

For any of my classes YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ABLE TO DRAW. I have never done art and I cannot draw.

It would be helpful if you already know how to use fusibles and have done my beginners’ class but this is not essential. In the end you will have to sew every individual piece down so you also need to know your sewing machine well!

– This is a technique class. We are making a hand because it is achievable in the 2 days and it is a very good class to prepare you for my advanced 4-day portrait class.
– The hand will be based on a photo and associated patterns that I will supply.
– The finished hand piece will be about 12″ X 12″.
– I will supply detailed notes on the process.
– On day one we will learn about colour value and make the collage, and on the second day we will go over the sewing, the details and the finishing.
– It is much easier if you do NOT try to make a realistically coloured hand the first time. It is much easier to choose to make one of red or blue or green or grey or purple. Yellow and orange are much harder to work with so don’t bring these colours.

You will probably not have a finished hand at the end of the two days but you will have the instructions needed to complete it.